The Church Start/Revelopment Team has established this site to create one of the spaces for participation on this work area. If you would like to engage with the CWAC public, and the Team specifically, please email us at

For consistency, we have decided on some standard ways of giving credit in posts. There are basically three things that happen with each piece displayed:

Posting: After reviewing the material, the moderators/editors make the decision to publish the submission on the site.

Writing: This is to give credit to those who actually typed the post in question.

Authoring: This, by far, is the most important aspect of the post. This refers to those whose creative juices caused the post to come to life., whether or not they engaging in the physical actions of typing. Sometimes the most involved contributor is not involved in the actual writing, and they deserve attribution for their part in the conversation.

Justice, in our minds, also consists of acknowledging creative input and energy. This is our attempt to do just that.

Authored by Rev Jenna Zirbel. Written by Rev Andy Little.