I need mentors to guide and inspire. I need mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers of the church, the body of Christ, for me to grow in the call to the servant leadership. Our Church Within A Church Movement is about BEing the church today, with justice, mercy and equality overcoming the push to conform to the will or the way of a socialized hierarchy of worth. At times I lose focus as I lose heart.

I have discovered that I especially need the companionship of a woman of wisdom born of experience in visionary work. I need someone who has laid out a way to be in ministry today that I can relate to, rooted in scripture and tried in the experience of ministry, that I can follow knowing how the finished product evolves. Truly, even more than the finish, I need to know how the struggle for the space to be in ministry can be creative and blessed through the gifts and graces of all involved. Heidi Nuemark, through her book Breathing Space: A Spiritual Journey in the South Bronx, is just such company. I am rereading her book, yet again, hoping and praying to see the Spirit continue to shape new possibilities of living God’s love in my life.

I minister with Heidi’s book close at hand, alterations and adaptations always in the process for a personal fit, where most of my work takes shape as we live celebrating life, grieving losses, and healing from hurts while caring for neighbor as self.