LGBT youth face great challenges.  They are at greater risk for academic failure because schools are often unsafe. Lack of support often leads to feelings of isolation and depression; and LGBTQ youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide.  Offer support to local organizations that provide services to LGBT youth. Mentor and model a sensitive and encouraging approach with LGBT teens in your own life.  If you know an LGBTQ youth in need of help, connect them resources like The Trevor Project at 1-866-4UTREVOR or

For more information on LGBTQ health issues visit Rainbow Access Initiative and choose from the menu options on the left side. Of particular interest might be the section on “Suicide”.

For more information on spititual health for LGBTQ visit CWAC’s website or click on the “email us” button and contact me. CWAC’s anti-heterosexist, anti-racist stand for spiritual justice might just provide the safe place you’re looking for.