Here we can share with each other the books that are inspiring, exciting or otherwise equipping us for inclusive and affirming ministries. We will put memorable posts about reading material, along with a brief quote from your review, so others might be tempted to read what you find invigorating.


“I am rereading her book, yet again, hoping and praying to see the Spirit continue to shape new possibilities of living God’s love in my life.”


“The message in this book brings a wake-up call challenging the drowsy complacency in heart and soul. It is a call to rally with other church members to remember the value of our own lives well lived, to realize the ability to live in the power of the Spirit more freely and fully in care of neighbor as self.”


“At a time when health and human services were economically and culturally restrained, the gay community often stepped in to provide the needed compassion and care for community”

One Response to “BOOKS WE’RE READING”

  1. cathy knight Says:

    “Where the Edge Gathers: building a community of radical inclusion” by Yvette A. Flunder

    A must read for building community from the margins. Used as a book study at my local church – we spent 6 Sunday’s talking about what it means to be community. It means different things to different cultures/folks on the margins. Fascinating conversations…

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